What is Club C-MAP

Club C-MAP is the easy, cost effective and convenient way to stay safe and make sure you always cruise, sail and fish with up-to-date electronic charts. More than 10,000 boaters have joined the Club over the years and received automatic annual updates for their C-MAP charts — and you should, too!

Why Update?

Our oceans and inland waterways are dynamic, constantly changing environments, and typical electronic charts can have hundreds of changes. Shifting sandbars, new hazards, moved NavAids and new Exclusion Zones are just some of the reasons it's important to update. C-MAP's twice-a-year chart updates provide the latest Notice-to-Mariner changes, along with useful data like new aerial photos, updated marina charts and port facility information, updated sportfishing rules and regulations, and more. Having up-to-date charts makes boating safer, fishing more productive and sailing more enjoyable.
Read the Alliance for Safe Navigation White Paper "Boat Smart, Update Your Charts" to learn more about the importance of updating.

How does Club C-MAP help you save?

Club C-MAP takes the worry and hassle out of keeping charts up-to-date. For low annual dues of $89, members automatically receive annual chart updates, so they're never without a chart. You're always ready to sail, with no downtime. Members save money (vs. $130 regular update cost) and receive discounts on additional updates and new chart purchases, a variety of special member benefits and more. The annual update alone pays for membership.


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