(Ø 26 cm (50 pcs.)) - Environmentally friendly disposable Bagasse cockery set from kaufdichgrün I 50 pieces whitely bleached round sugar cane plate of 26 cm I Bio disposable plates, disposable Party plates and bowls

Size: Ø 26 cm (50 pcs.)

Disposable tableware made of sugar cane from kaufdichgrün makes the difference!

What makes these sugar cane plates so special.
The round plates of sugar cane are excellently suited as an environmentally friendly party tableware. The plates are made from the residual fibres, which remain as a waste product when the sugar cane plants are pressed in the sugar production. These residual fibres, instead of being disposed of, can also be further processed to the so-called "pulp". This fibre slurry can be used instead of wood-based cellulose, which must be cultivated separately, for the manufacture of disposable packages and disposable dishes. Sugar cane plates, also known as bagasse crockery plates, can be used as an alternative to disposable carton or plastic dishes and is certified to be biodegradable. Thanks to the special material these plates are as robust and stable as thin cardboard or plastic dishes.

The Plates at a short glance:

Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 1.8 centimetres (1.1 kg)

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