(Blue Sticks / UV Orange String) - SuperGrind Fibre Coloured Diabolo Hand Sticks & 10m reel of Ultra-Spin Pro Diablo String! (Blue Sticks / UV Orange String)

Colour Name: Blue Sticks / UV Orange String

Diabolo Hand Sticks - Fibre Diablo Hand Sticks & Super Smooth String !!! Top of the range ultra light Carbon Diabolo hand sticks and fast hard wearing diabolo string!. The body of the hand stick is short and made from an extremely tough and very light weight Carbon Fibre compound!. It's fitted with a comfy dense foam grip ensuring hours of pain free playing. The string fixing system is the best you can get on any diabolo sticks as the string goes through the top of end of the stick and comes out at the bottom of the handgrip, ensuring this way to never have the problem of getting your sting in a knot when performing a more complicated move! All in all this is a very strong and affordable set of diabolo sticks at an Incredible Price! Diabolo hand sticks statistics: Length: 320mm, Weight: 37g, String Length: 150cm

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