The Mud Hole is a deep, long channel extending into New York Bight, formed by the flow of the Hudson River. Silt and mud washed from the river settles into this channel, making the waters nutrient-rich and full of life.

Mud Hole hi-res bathymetric custom map provided by C-MAP


Depths in the Mud Hole range up to 200 feet, and the bottom is littered with wrecks that attract large numbers of black sea bass, ling, cod, and tautog

 Mud Hole hi-res bathymetric map provided by C-MAP


During the summer months, abundant baitfish attract pelagic species such as bluefin tuna, mahi, mako and thresher sharks, bonito, and occasionally yellowfin tuna.

 Mud Hole hi-res vector map provided by C-MAP

 The Mud Hole is also a reliable spot for chumming up big bluefish throughout the summer months, and is a popular destination for the party boat fleets of Northern New Jersey and Western Long Island.

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