Precision Contour HD



Superior Detail. Superior Fishing.

Find and catch more and bigger fish than ever before with a C-MAP Precision Contour HD chart card. These cards contain the most accurate and precise Lowrance-compatible fishing maps for the leading waterbodies in each state covered.

Meticulously surveyed to 1-foot increments in shallow-draft boats by C-MAP's survey crew with innovative Genesis technology, C-MAP Precision Contour HD maps include the shallow backwaters and distant creek arms uncharted by other map providers, as well as comprehensive coverage of key fish-holding bottom structure such as humps and holes, reefs and shoals, drains and ditches, ledges and breaklines.


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C-MAP Precision Contour HD-Tennessee Maps Impress Jacob Wheeler, Lowrance Pro

Iaconelli wowed by new C-MAP Precision Contour HD charts


  • 1-Foot HD Contours – Comprehensive precision 1-foot-contour coverage on the most-fished waterbodies in the state
  • Custom Color Depth Shading* – Custom color palettes allow highlighting fish-holding depths and hazard zones (16 color options; 10 customizable depth ranges). When displayed in a compatible* sonar/GPS unit, the maps on this card can be customized with Custom Color Depth Shading. Select from 16 colors to highlight as many as 10 customized depth ranges. You can set two separate custom-color depth palettes for every map. Fish-holding structure will be much more visible when set apart by Custom Color Depth Shading. Custom Color Depth Shading also enables adjustments to your map display to reflect high-water or low-water conditions that can affect the shape and edges of shorelines and submerged/partially submerged structure.
  • Satellite Imagery – Locate docks, piers and other man-made structures that attract fish. Transparency of satellite image can be adjusted to display more or less of the chart’s 1-foot contours overlaid atop the aerial image.
  • Fishing, Navigation & Safety POIs – POIs include: Fishing HotSpots waypoints (with lake-specific fishing tips); submerged fish-holding structure such as old road beds, creeks, ponds, bridges and building foundations; navigational aids such as channel markers, hazard areas, etc.
  • 4 Pre-Set Depth Shading palettes, including Safety Shading
  • Fishing regulations, records and ID photos
  • Follow 1-foot contours on autopilot with a compatible MFD and trolling motor pairing
  • FREE 1-year subscription to C-MAP’s Genesis Edge custom-mapping service

Until You’ve Seen Everything, You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Ever seen on your sonar screen a hump, ditch or drop-off not on your lake map? Ever wonder how much more fish-holding structure might be missing from your map? … Stop wondering and start catching more and bigger fish with a C-MAP Precision Contour HD chart.

C-MAP’s new high-detail chart cards, exclusive to Lowrance sonar/GPS units, reveal more fish-holding structure than ever seen before. Armed with a contour map that shows more structural elements, and with better detail, you can find and catch fish faster and easier on any given day, based on current conditions.

Whether you’re a tournament angler or a passionate recreational angler fishing for fun, the C-MAP Precision Contour HD advantage will help you put fish in the boat better than ever before.

* Custom-Color Depth Shading is compatible with Lowrance HDS Gen-2, HDS Gen 3, Carbon, Live and Elite Ti units. It is not compatible with Lowrance Hook and Lowrance Elite HDI, Elite CHIRP and Elite DSI units.

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