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Sophisticated charting solutions available for your PC navigation software


MAX Pro delivers some of the most sophisticated charting solutions available.
You can get MAX Pro in Wide and MegaWide titles, and when you purchase or unlock a MAX Pro title, you’ll automatically receive a complimentary one-year subscription to C-MAP’s Quick Sync Updating. With Quick Sync, you’ll get unlimited updates on demand. In addition, you can rent charts for four months so you’ll always have the most accurate charts ad updated information.




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3D virtual world

Realistic and crystal-clear view of the seabed. Blends extensive bathymetry, land elevation data and satellite and aerial imagery, for a truly stunning display of the navigation scenario.

Satellite imagery

Enriched view of both land and water with satellite and aerial imagery displayed directly on your electronic chart.

Chart presentation

Look and feel of paper charts with the power of a vector chart. It’s the best of both worlds, right on your chartplotter.

Photos and diagrams

The waters you’re navigating come alive with satellite and aerial photos and vivid depictions of land elevations.

C-Marina Port Database

Our database contains details on more marinas than any other charts on the market. You can find harbor hours, harbor master contact information, nearby lodging and restaurants, VHF call-in details, photos and more.

Bathymetric contour data

If you fish or dive, you’ll have more fun with our intricate contour data. With the highest level of detail available for offshore bottom structures, you’ll easily see canyons, seamounts, ridges and other seabed features. Find fish where they hide or make your dive more interesting.

Quick Sync Updating

Have the most current information, fast. Using the Internet or e-mail, you can download official updates, including data and Notices to Mariners (NtMs) whenever you want. When you purchase or unlock a MAX Pro title, you’ll automatically receive a Quick Sync one-year subscription absolutely free - unlimited updates on demand.

Tides and currents

Take advantage of our Tidal Heights and Current Flow database to learn more about the waters you’re in. Check current direction, speed and strength on the chart and use our tidal prediction graphs for an accurate assessment of high and low tides.



C-Marina Port Database


Have information for almost any marina at your fingertips. You'll have harbormaster contact information, details on nearby lodging and restaurants, VHF call-in details, photos and more. Available with MAX compatible chartplotters.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)


Know where you can and can't fish in California and other areas around the world. Our MPA data shows all current, closed or restricted fishing areas.

Wavey Line Charts*

wavy line charts

This extensive chart portfolio gives you comprehensive coverage of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos from island insiders, as well as supplemental information



Offering comprehensive coverage of the Caribbean Islands, Imray has enlisted the aid of the well known Donald Street Jr. who has taken his unique knowledge of the passages, harbors, and anchorages, from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgins in the north to the Venezuelan coast in the south, and applied it to these charts.

Marina Charts

marina charts

C-MAP Marina Charts show dock layouts, marina facilities and other important details beyond what is traditionally shown on official paper charts for over a thousand marinas throughout North and South America.

Set sail for adventure with C-MAP Charts.


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