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Please use this form to report a charting error or concern, which may include, (for example), missing or misplaced nav-aids, addresses, points of interest, chart offsets, etc..

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WARNING: C-MAP USA reminds navigators that nautical chart information is constantly changing. National Hydrographic authorities periodically publish new and updated information and when received, C-MAP USA incorporates the updated information into new and existing products. These changes are available to our customers for purchase. Therefore, navigators should check their C-MAP USA chart products to make sure they have the most current version available. If your charts are out-of-date, C-MAP USA strongly urges you to update them viaC-MAP USA directly, or through authorized resellers. C-MAP USA electronic charts are an aid to navigation designed to supplement, but not replace, the use of authorized government charts and publications, including Notices to Mariner

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